Local Events

“The Barn” at Historic Rittenhouse Town

Local Events

Gravel Travel, Gravel Espresso, Broken Bell CX – Philadelphia is great for cyclists, and we are happy to add our part in adding to an amazing trail system, gravel paths, and paved roads! Ride with us and explore new roads, taste amazing foods and build confidence on the bike with our team by your side, supporting and encouraging you along the way.

Future Events

PAPERtrail events – sign up now!

Past Events

PAPERtrail events – past events!

Private Event

Like what you see, but want to build your own event? Dream big with us.

Build your perfect trip for groups of 6-12 riders. Bikes included. Perfect for team camps, day trips, and events.


Gravel Espresso

“Gravel Espresso” is no-drop group ride covering 17 miles through the Wissahickon Gravel Path and Trails, meeting at PAPERtrail Bike Cafe.