PTGT Event Series

Paper Trail Gravel Travel “Event Series” is a fully supported team behind you at select gravel events

PTGT ES is a pro service course here to support you at select gravel events, backed with a team of knowledgeable hosts and mechanics to optimize your race weekend. Our Rodeo Adventure Labs Flaanimals are purposely built for speed. Our nutrient dense meals and snacks will prepare you for the efforts ahead. Our mechanic fine tunes your machine. Our team will focus to prepare you for race day.

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Rooted VT

Richmond, Vermont

August 1, 2021


Saturday July 31st (Cochrans Ski Area)

3:00pm Meet-up, 3:15pm Roll-out

All are invited. Ride your rodeo and join Paul, Mark and Deborah on our course recon! Hang out with us after!


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Lewisburg, PA

October 10, 2021